Dallas Stars Contracts

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Dallas Stars Contracts

Post  thecanucksfan91 on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Riberio 5M/2Y
Eriksson 4.25M/5Y
Morrow 4.1M/2Y
Lehtonen 3.55M/2Y
Ryder 3.5M/2Y
Daley 3.3M/6Y
Robidas 3.3M/3Y
Ott 2.95M/3Y
Goligoski 1.83M/1Y - 4.6M/4Y
Fiddler 1.8M/3Y
Souray 1.65M/1Y
Grossman 1.62M/1Y - 3.5M/4Y
Dvorak 1.5M/1Y
Burish 1.15M/1Y
Fistric 1M/1Y - RFA
Benn 821K/1Y - RFA
Raycroft 650K/1Y

Sutherby UFA
Williams UFA

Cap Hit - 41.971M
Cap Space - 24.029M

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